In the world of excessive materia, strong purpose is a luxury. The new luxury takes a bow to elegant activism, virgin nature and its aesthetics but turns its back on disposable trends and half-hearted decisions. We kindly invite you to the Nordic take on today’s luxury in women’s wear and accessories with four exquisite brands, Uneins, Lovia, Ritual & Baiba Ripa.

Logo_A4UNEINS | Womenswear | Helsinki

We are UNEINS. Un-One with the mainstream, against the mundane, in rejection of the mediocre or half-hearted. We exist to create fashion with purpose, without expiration date, created when there is reason to do so, unbound by seasons and trends. Supporting the craft of manufacturers and artisans, who quietly revolutionise the fashion industry around the world.



LOVIA | Leather Bags and Jewelry | Helsinki

For us, being elegant goes beyond surface. It’s activism through sustainable Nordic materials, local manufacturing & open communications wrapped in durable, elegant designs. To lead you deeper into the essence of Lovia, we have created a DNA for every Lovia product in our webstore. The DNA reveals the production methods and location, materials and makers behind a product.




RITUAL | Jewelry | Helsinki

Ritual is an ongoing project designing and handcrafting fine jewellery. Our process is dedicated to the respect of honest and raw materials, architectural shapes, northern ambience, and nature. All the pieces are produced in small series, or made to order as one-offs. The designs are our filtered result of the daily engagement with the visual world that surrounds us.




BAIBA RIPA | Knitwear | Riga

Timeless lines, calming colors and freedom of mix and match are the key words characteristic to the Riga based fashion designer Baiba Ripa. Deeply rooted in the longstanding tradition of hand knitting BR soothes the thirst of self-assured feminine minds for truly suggestive alternative to contemporary clothing lines and turning it into a lifestyle. Made with the simplicity and know-how of Northern Europe, BR knits stand for the holy trinity of defined research, experimental forms and traditional patterns. No seasons, no rules, no fixed schemas. Only a myriad of ways how to feel elegant and comfortable in one’s skin enveloped in sophisticated sculptural clothing.